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The Stuffgrabber is an arcade style crane game built in Unreal Engine 4. All the frustration and fun of gimmicky real crane games on your computer. Featuring sloppy physics-driven claw controls that let you experience all the fun of struggling to pick up cute stuffed animals without having to spend all of your money in quarters!

The concept for this game was largely inspired by struggle-style games like Surgeon Simulator and Octodad, which make seemingly simple tasks excruciating and yet addicting in gameplay. This is currently a working prototype of the physics based crane and prizes, but there is room to expand the concept into additional levels that present new challenges. For example, how will you grab the prize in anti-gravity? Or underwater? Perhaps you need to pick up the prize in a certain way - like by its tag. Or maybe you need to score two prizes at a time to score points. 

You can meet all of the current prizes below, each one a quirky spin on the toys from your childhood. All of the prize assets were sculpted in ZBrush, re-topologized, and textures were hand-painted in Substance Painter and Photoshop.