Seattle underwater

Over winter break in January, I took a trip with the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences honors program at RIT to visit the Pacific Northwest area -- Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver B.C. 

On the trip, we took a tour of Seattle Underground. I was fascinated by the history of the disaster that caused the former ground-level of Seattle to be built on top of. Perhaps influenced by the seaside themes around me and our aquarium visits throughout the trip, I began to imagine a future disaster scenario in which present day Seattle exists flooded, below sea level.

As an independent project, I digitally painted illustrations for hypothetical postcards advertising the future disaster tourist attraction, Seattle Underwater. I've illustrated the scenarios in a somewhat comical, over-the-top style.


Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market is known for its fish mongers, making an attraction of throwing fish to entertain its customers. Now under the sea, its claim of "fresh fish" is in question.


This one is a play on the actual "Sinking Ship" parking garage we visited in Pioneer Square in Seattle. You can see here, post-disaster, that it has become a literal sinking ship!


This one is an interior view of the Space Needle, sunken and facing destruction by a giant octopus. In real life, the Chihuly Sculpture Garden is situated directly underneath the space needle. I couldn't help but see this Chihuly glass sculpture as a bunch of Dr. Seuss-like creatures that seemed to be making noise. They also visually parallel the suction cups on the octopus's tentacle!


Seattle is home to the original Starbucks. The iconic two-tailed mermaid of their logo is thrilled that they have finally decided to open up shop under water!