6 North Main Street
Ste. 200E
Fairport, NY 14450

My name is Deanna Giovinazzo, or De for short. I am a 3D artist specializing in environment and technical art, working independently in the field of gaming and interactive media. I am currently based in Pittsford, NY.

My love for illustration and digital painting and my enthusiasm for the games I played growing up inspired me to pursue specializing in 3D game art in the 3D Digital Design BFA program at Rochester Institute of Technology.

I became fascinated with the potential of real-time 3D graphics to bring new concepts and visual styles to life in a dynamic and interactive medium. I love to adventure and explore new worlds.

My favorite areas to work in are material creation, texture creation, and environment modeling/sculpting. As a technical artist, I am always looking to find new solutions to create more ambitious artistic visions in this medium.

My goal is to create games that don't exist yet, reaching beyond the typical gaming audience. Ultimately, I want to create meaningful interactive experiences that can be appreciated as works of art.