6 North Main Street
Ste. 400E
Fairport, NY 14450

My name is Deanna Giovinazzo. I primarily work within the field of game art, and consider myself a technical artist.

In my work, I am constantly seeking greater artistic control in the medium of real time 3D graphics, against the grain in an era that seems ever obsessed with tools that favor efficiency over creative input, craft, and effort.

Additionally, I enjoy developing my own tools that enable more ambitious creative work. I believe a good tool is one with flexible features that enables greater possibilities and allows the user to have full control over their desired output, rather than streamlining and oversimplifying processes that shouldn't be - which results in boring, clone work. Lastly, a good tool should not leave evidence on the work that is created with it.

I work with Unreal Engine 4 primarily, but also have experience in Unity. Material and environment creation are my favorite areas of work, but I aspire to work more in the field of rendering and graphics programming as well. I program in Blueprints, C++, C#, and really whatever else comes my way.

Aside from my own personal work in the field of games, I work under the DBA of Granite Interactive in Fairport, NY, developing software for various custom applications using real time engines like Unreal Engine 4. My work under Granite Interactive includes real-time interactive 3D simulations, product showcases, learning and training demos, software that interfaces with machine input/output. This list is not all inclusive of the types of work done under Granite Interactive, as the breadth of work expands to include the specific needs of each new customer. 

I have also enjoyed digital painting for years as a hobby, and it is what got me into real time game art. On the side, I also freelance illustration projects.